Tesla and Toyota are working on possible partnership


It seems that Tesla and Toyota are thinking about resuming an old partnership of 2010. According to several rumors published on social media on Monday night (29), the two automakers have been negotiating a potential alliance for some time. Mutual cooperation is supposed to have been underway since last year, and is now reaching its final stage.

According to Korean newspaper Ghosun Libo, an employee of the Japanese automaker revealed on Sunday (28) that “Tesla and Toyota are considering jointly developing a small electric SUV platform (the basic skeleton of the car)”. Under the agreement, Toyota would provide the vehicle’s platform, and Tesla, the electronic controls and on-board software technology.

Partnership to face Volkswagen?

Everyone knows that Toyota continues to be considered the leader of hybrids, making it clear that it is totally against a rapid expansion of electric cars, especially in the American market. However, the entry of Tesla as a partner could represent a small acceleration in the direction of electrification by the Japanese company.

If the two companies combined their efforts at their best, it is possible that Tesla will provide technology in electric vehicles, while Toyota will dedicate itself to mass production of the vehicles. The announcements are not by chance at a strategic time when Volkswagen announces its plans to lead EV production worldwide in the near future.

While some people have wondered whether the partnership between Tesla and Toyota would be false news, American carmaker Elon Musk has already perked up on his popular Twitter account by saying he is willing and ready to license Tesla technology to other automakers, including its long-awaited SuperBattery.


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