Tesla added 3 new features to its mobile app


Tesla added 3 new features to its mobile app. Updating its mobile application, Tesla provided vehicle owners with access to many features related to the vehicle from their seats.

Tesla, one of the pioneers of the electric car industry, has released a new update to its mobile application, enabling Tesla owners to have more control over the mobile application than they do in the vehicle. Following the new update, Tesla owners will be able to share their desired location with third-party mapping applications from Tesla vehicles, launch vehicle software updates via the mobile application, and have media control over the mobile application.

Location Sharing
Tesla users can now identify a location from third-party map applications, such as Google Maps, and share it with the Tesla mobile app. This automatically transmits the location to the vehicle. This feature is thought to be the first step in determining routes from third-party mapping applications.

Vehicle Software Updates
Until now, Tesla owners had to go to the vehicle to activate any software updates. However, with the new update, vehicle owners will be able to initiate software updates from their location using the mobile application.

Media Control for Passengers
Passengers can now control the media using the Tesla mobile app, regardless of vehicle owner / driver. Of course, the vehicle owner will need to have access to the Tesla account.

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