Terrifier 2 Has Fans Who Are Sick in Cinemas, Producer Issues Warning For Horror Movie


Borders are both the best friend of the horror genre and the worst nightmare. Sometimes restraint increases fear in a special way. In other cases, such as Terrifier 2 and its predecessor, the more bloodthirsty and outrageous, the better. The new release of the film has certainly pushed the boundaries to the limit, to the point that the producer has issued a warning about a horror movie that reportedly causes viewers to vomit and/or faint.

This story, which has been gaining momentum over the weekend, is taken from USA Today (opens in new tab). Apparently, social networks are buzzing with information about the recently released sequel to the cult hit of screenwriter and director Damian Leone “Terrifying”. Many of these reactions include stories about people who reacted quite sharply to the return of Art the clown, and about the brutal bloody action, as a result of which the sequel remained in the top ten at the box office last weekend.

Terrifier 2 producer Steve Barton tweeted a title page intended for viewers more sensitive to old blood and guts. With a vague promise of some “coming news”, Barton shared this drawing in light of these stories:

It cannot be said that “Terrifying 2” is the first film with such a sharp reaction to the content. Earlier this year, during a performance at the Cannes Film Festival, the audience walked out of the film “Crimes of the Future”; which is to be expected from a film in which very erotic surgery. However, this three-word description sounds like a walk in the park compared to the sinister antics of Art the clown.

For reference, consider the following fact: the first “Horror”, containing a scene in which a woman is sawed in half with the most possible bloody details. This moment is actually considered one of the most high-profile deaths in slasher films, as he earned this title with joyful, frightening energy. Since sequels tend to want to surpass the original, the rumor that “Terrifying 2” evokes such strong reflexes makes sense.

At the moment, forcing people to leave the movie is an old hat. If a major studio movie like Survivor sent people into the lobby, then it’s essentially an entry-level outrage. The second film “Terrifying” clearly raised the bar for audience tolerance, telling about vomiting and unconsciousness, confirming this story. So it’s only natural that fans and opponents of the series are probably wondering how a potential Terrifier 3 can surpass the terrible shocks of the last part.

If you’re one of the moviegoers willing to challenge the intense horror that “Terrifying 2” represents, the movie is still showing at a limited box office. Check your local listings to find the bloody feats of clown Art at a theater near you, and dress accordingly! Meanwhile, if you want to watch the original Terrifier to understand what to expect, you can find this movie, which is currently streaming on Tubi and various other ad-supported streaming platforms. Although don’t forget to check the schedule of upcoming horror movies, in case you’re looking for not-so-scary horror stories.


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