Terrastal Gimmick Pokemon Scarlet and Violet May Be Better Than MegaEvolutions


Today’s Pokemon Presents has finally shared new details about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after several months of silence from The Pokemon Company, and in the third trailer there are several answers to popular questions. While the appearance of the starting evolutions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet remains a secret for now, the trailer really revealed the name of the Pokemon Gen 9 region and demonstrated the fighting trick of the games in full force. The Paldea region is home to a unique phenomenon called Terastallization, which causes Pokemon to change their type or increase the efficiency of their movements if their Tera type matches their original type.

However, the phenomenon of Terastic is much more complicated, since each Pokemon can have a certain type of Tera, which may differ in instances belonging to the same species, which means that each Pokemon can practically change its type to any other of the existing ones. The mechanics of changing the type also strengthens the techniques of the assigned type, which can be used very effectively from the point of view of the attack to make the techniques of the non-standard type stronger with the help of STAB. From the point of view of protection, changing the type of Pokemon can give it immunity or switch its weaknesses, which makes the Terastallization of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet potentially more interesting than Mega Evolutions.

Why Terastalling Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a Great Trick

Mega Evolutions are among the most famous fighting tricks in the Pokemon series due to the introduction of bonuses for already popular Pokemon through a new look in combat, as well as new types or other forms of improvements. Generation 6 was heavily associated with mega evolutions in both Pokemon X and Y, as well as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but this trick did not return in Generations 7 and 8. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to have also abandoned Mega Evolutions, but the new Terastallization feature more than compensates this.

The Terastic phenomenon works with every Pokemon in Paldea, which in itself is an upgrade compared to the limited pool of pocket monsters for which Mega Evolutions were available. While some Pokemon, such as Sceptile and Ampharos, got a type using Mega Evolutions, Terastallizing Pokemon changes its type to any other while players try to collect duplicate monsters with different types of Tera. This mechanic is much more interesting in the long run because of the many applications that this feature has. If Tera’s Pokemon type can be changed by some undisclosed mechanics, it means that Scarlet and Violet’s Pokemon will have a healthy selection of viable critters in the finale.

Terastallization can also provide a more sustainable endgame due to the replay value that players can get from their teams and desired Pokemon, whereas Mega Evolutions can fail due to how limited the choices are. In addition, experienced trainers will be able to dramatically manipulate the course of any battle with the help of Terastallization, since every Paldinsky Pokemon can use this trick at any moment of the fight, which is valid until the end of the fight. For example, turning a special Pikachu Terastallize pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet into a flying type to avoid ground movements would be very powerful.

Similarly, turning a dragon type into a fabulous Pokemon when fighting other dragon types can make a pocket monster immune to incoming damage due to STAB damage. While Mega Evolutions will always have a place in the history of the Pokemon franchise, learning other tricks is more beneficial for the franchise, and the Terastic phenomenon may even win the hearts of many trainers to become their favorite mechanic in general.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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