Terraria will no longer be launched for Google Stadia


The game Terraria will no longer be released for Stadia, a decision made after the Google account of Andrew Spinks, the founder of developer Re-Logic, was left for more than 3 weeks without explanation.

On his private Twitter, Andrew explained that “my phone lost access to thousands of dollars in apps on Google Play. I had just purchased The Lord of the Rings in 4K and now I can’t see it. My files on Google Drive have all been lost. I can’t open my YouTube channel. And the worst thing is to lose access to my gmail email for over 15 years! ”

“I did nothing to violate the term of services, so there is no other way to interpret the situation than Google burning this bridge with me. What do you consider burned! Terraria for Google Stadia is canceled and my company will not give any support your platforms in the future. ”

Do you agree with Andrew’s reasons for canceling the game? Comment below what you thought of this controversy!


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