Terraria will be out on Stadia! Details


After announcing the cancellation of that version in early February, the Re-Logic studio has resolved its differences with Google and resumed the port.

Not a month has passed since Andrew Spinks, director of Re-Logic and one of the top managers of Terraria, published a Twitter thread showing his anger with Google for the malfunction of its services and its lack of customer service . In full anger he also announced the cancellation of the game’s port for Stadia, although this week, in a review of news on its official forum, the studio has communicated that this version is resumed following satisfactory communications with the Stadia team and 505 Games (game editor).

More Terraria for more users

Although this new adaptation of Terraria does not yet have an official date, the latest “build” ( is already undergoing the Google certification process, so it should not take long to launch. Once approved, Stadia will join platforms such as Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One or mobile devices, going back to its original premiere in 2011 for PC. What then began as a simple 2D survival and exploration game soon became a phenomenon thanks to its addictive gameplay and a constant stream of updates, becoming one of the most successful indie games in history and surpassing the day of today the 30 million copies sold.

Therefore, Google’s interest in adding it to its platform is more than understandable. Stadia has had a rocky journey since its launch in November 2019, a string of misfortunes ranging from class action lawsuits to the closure of its development studios – in some cases, with work half done. This weekend has also transcended the large payment made by the company to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 in its catalog. However, Google still claims to trust the project and promise a hundred games by 2021. Among which will be, naturally, Terraria himself.


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