Terra 360: ABB Charger Delivers 100 Km In 3 Minutes For EVs


Terra 360: Swiss technology company ABB announced on Thursday (30) the launch of what it called “the world’s fastest electric vehicle charger”. Launched shortly before a share offering that could capitalize US$ 3 billion (the equivalent of R$ 16.1 billion), the Terra 360 charger promises to deliver 100 km of autonomy with less than three minutes of charge, in addition to being able to recharge four cars at the same time.

Aimed at commercial customers, ABB’s new Terra 360 is ideal for refueling stations, urban charging stations, commercial parking lots and charging vehicle fleets. With a maximum output of 360 kW, the charger can fully charge any electric vehicle in 15 minutes or less, which means a dramatic reduction in waiting time in line.

Although indicated for places with a large flow of vehicles, Terra 360 chargers take up little space and can be installed in small garages or small parking lots. In addition, they are easily customizable, just by changing the color of the sheets that cover them or changing the LED strips. There is even the option of attaching a 27-inch screen to display videos and images.

A bet on electric cars

The bet on the fast charger seeks to take advantage of an overheated electric car market. After a 41% increase in sales in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, prospects in 2021 are the best possible, after a first quarter with sales 140% higher than in the same period last year.

According to ABB E-mobility division president Frank Muehlon, “with governments around the world establishing public policies that favor electric vehicles and charging networks to combat climate change”, the demand for quick and easy recharges operate “is higher than ever”.

Even without having their price announced, ABB high power chargers are already being deployed worldwide through the company’s partnerships with recharge operators such as IONITY and Electrify America. The Terra 360 is expected to be operating in Europe by the end of this year and, starting in 2022, in the US, Latin America and some regions in Asia.


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