Terminator: Resistance will have free upgrade from PS4


Terminator: Resistance Enhanced will be the new version of the game that will arrive on PS5 on March 26. Players who already own the title on PS4 will be able to upgrade to the new game completely free of charge.

The Enhanced version of the game will have improvements over the game’s graphics, bringing a more realistic look and with a 4K resolution. The game’s performance will also be optimized, making it run at 60 frames per second and load much faster.

Another novelty is the inclusion of the Infiltrator mode, which was already available in the PC version. In it, players can step into the shoes of the iconic android T-800.

This could also be the opportunity for the game to gain a new chance, since when it was released on PlayStation 4, the title was the target of much criticism. Most of them were due to the graphic quality and performance of the game, which made the PC version have a much better reception.


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