Terminator Resistance Enhanced Presents Its First DLC, Annihilation Line


Terminator Resistance Enhanced: Kyle Reese, protagonist of the original film and father of John Connor, will be the main character of this downloadable content that will last about 4 hours. With the arrival of the new generation, one of the games that has earned a second chance is Terminator Resistance, which with its Enhanced version for PS5 and PC knew how to redeem itself from the mediocre original delivery released in 2019. So much so that the The studio in charge, Teyon – creators of the even more mediocre Rambo: The Videogame – have announced that the first DLC for the game, Annihilation Line, will arrive this coming week.

It should be noted that this downloadable content will only be available for Terminator Resistance Enhanced, that is, it will not reach the versions of the last generation, PS4 and Xbox One, so it will only be available on PS5 and PC. It will do so from next Friday, December 10, and is presented with this trailer with gameplay:

What will we experience in this DLC?

This trailer shows us all kinds of cybernetic monsters generated by Skynet, among which two new models such as the T-600 and the HK Centurion stand out. The Annihilation Line campaign will last about 4 hours and will star none other than Kyle Reese, who was already the protagonist of James Cameron’s first film, back in 1984, and who would ultimately be the father of the Resistance leader, John Connor, who will also make an appearance in this DLC. In this new story we will accompany Reese in command of a platoon that will seek to unravel what happened to a refuge in California that has stopped showing signs of life, and we will see how he became the hero John trusted to protect his mother, Sarah Connor.

In addition, Reef Entertainment, publisher of the game, has detailed that he will also make use of the DualSense functions, especially when shooting with plasma rifles, through the adaptive feedback technology of its triggers. In the same way, this DLC will be accompanied by a patch with which two graphic modes will be implemented in the PS5 version, Performance and Resolution.

Terminator Resistance is set 30 years after Terminator 2: The Last Judgment, and also offers different endings depending on the decisions we make during the adventure. It is without a doubt an essential game for fans of this mythical film license, and probably one of the best games based on it.

Annihilation Line will be available on the 10th, on PS5 and PC.