Terminator: Joe Manganiello wants HBO Max series for character


Terminator series of the character? Yes, since the Justice League Snyder Cut was released, DC fans have been campaigning for Warner to develop the sequels thought by the director. One such request is a series on HBO Max about the Terminator, a movement that has gained support from the character’s interpreter, Joe Manganiello.

Terminator Series on HBO Max

Since Monday, users have been raising the hashtag #DeathstrokeHBOMax on Twitter. The goal is to show Warner and HBO Max streaming that fans want to see more of the Terminator in a series.

Joe Manganiello played the villain in Justice League. The character had a small appearance on the post-credit scene in the version that went to theaters and also returned to Snyder Cut.

Apparently, the appeal of the fans was heard by Manganiello, who shared on Twitter a photo of him as the character and the campaign hashtag.

Warner Media CEO Ann Sarnoff has already made it clear that the studio will not produce the sequels thought up by Zack Snyder. With a future still uncertain in theaters, DC has two major releases for the coming months, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, and The Batman.


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