Tennessee Demands a Public Apology After What an ESPN Announcer Said Last Night


Evan Russell was not in the Tennessee lineup on Friday. Covering the game between Missouri and Oklahoma, ESPN broadcaster Troy Eklund said Russell’s absence was due to a failed drug test.

“It was pretty crazy, a failed drug test, so Evan Russell is suspended for the rest of the season,” Eklund said via Knox News. . So it will be interesting to see if it will be just for one player or if it will go through the whole program. It was said that drugs that improve performance”.

Tennessee quickly refuted Eklund’s claim by making a statement about it.

According to the school’s statement, the volunteers are demanding a public apology from ESPN.

“Evan Russell’s absence last night had nothing to do with any violation of team, NCAA or SEC rules,” Tennessee said. “We have contacted ESPN, and they are aware of the situation related to yesterday’s comments made on their air. ESPN is dealing with the situation and we expect a public apology from them later today.”

Russell’s father, Jason, commented on his son’s absence from Friday’s game. He said it was due to health problems.

“Evan will have a checkup with the doctor this morning,” Jason said. “He didn’t fail any test or anything like that. He had health problems, because of which he could not play yesterday. This is standard testing that needs to be done. Evan will most likely be available today. God bless you.”

It’s only a matter of time before ESPN releases a public statement.