Tenet’s Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score Announced


The first score of Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, in Rotten Tomatoes has been revealed. The film managed to get 79% on the Tomatometer, where critics’ reviews are collected.

Most recently, Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Tenet, who appeared with Dunkirk in 2017 and is one of the most popular and successful directors of recent times, will be released in many countries, including our country, on August 26.

Tenet, with which Nolan again struggles with the concept of time, was shown to critics before meeting his audience in the vision. Critics who watched and evaluated the film also gave the first scores of Nolan’s new 2.5-hour movie.

Tenet took 79% at Rotten Tomatoes. Well what does it mean?

Starring roles such as Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, the film managed to get 79% of the 42 reviews from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, is that 79% score a good score or a low score? How is this score determined?

When you enter a movie’s page in Rotten Tomatoes, you will see two different points: Tomatometer and audience score. As the names suggest, Tomatometer is the part where the scores of the critics are collected, which we will focus on here.

So, how is this Tomatometer calculated? The fact that the score is shown as a percentage creates the impression that the scores are given over 100 and the average is taken at first glance, but it does not work exactly like that. In the Tomatometer, it is checked whether the evaluations for the film are positive or negative.

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In other words, 79% of the reviews made by the critics for Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Tenet consists of positive reviews about the film. Tenet’s score was 71 in Metascore, where Metacritic compiled reviews from critics. So, how did you find these critics’ scores for Tenet? What are your expectations from the movie? You can share your ideas and expectations with us in the comments section.


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