Tenet’s Box Office Revenue Exceeds 300 Million Dollars


Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s recently released movie, reached $ 300 million worldwide at the box office. The film earned $ 45.1 million in revenue in the USA, and $ 262 million in markets excluding the USA.

One of the first films to be released after movie theaters were closed due to the coronavirus epidemic was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The production, which earned $ 20.2 million in revenue in the United States in its first week, was the lowest opening movie since The Prestige, which was released in 2006, by ‘crashing’ at the box office.

The production, which entered its fifth week at the box office, has managed to gross $ 45.1 million in the US so far. The film by Nolan, which only generated $ 2.7 million in revenue from ticket sales in the country this weekend, saw a 21% drop in revenue compared to the previous week.

Tenet left behind $ 300 million worldwide:

On the other hand, the film, which was released in 58 markets when we went outside of the USA, left behind 300 million dollars worldwide. The production, which managed to generate $ 262 million in revenue in markets excluding the USA, gained a total of $ 307.1 million worldwide, with the addition of $ 45.1 million from the USA.

At this point, China is in the position of Tenet’s highest grossing market with $ 65.5 million in box office revenue. If we do not count the USA / Canada, China is followed by the United Kingdom with 20.9 million dollars, France with 20 million dollars, Germany with 16.1 million dollars and Japan with 15.9 million dollars.

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Other productions that attract attention at the box office include Walt Disney Studios’ Mulan, which was not released in the US. The film, which was released in Chinese theaters on September 11, increased its total revenues across the country to $ 40 million after opening of $ 23 million. The film’s worldwide revenue is at the level of $ 66.8 million.


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