Tenet wins ‘pressure’ for Game Boy Advance


Tenet, the last film by director Christopher Nolan, won a release in a very unusual format: Game Boy Advance cartridge. YouTuber Bob Wulff recently compressed the feature film on tapes for the old Nintendo handheld console.

According to Wulff, the idea was to challenge a comment from the filmmaker who said that “this is a film whose image and sound really need to be enjoyed in cinemas with a big screen”. So, the creator wanted to “enjoy” the production on one of the “smallest and worst canvases”.

In the video posted on the WulffDen channel, YouTuber explained the long process to convert Tenet to the Game Boy Advance cartridge format. For example, it was necessary to divide the two and a half hours of film length into five tapes on the laptop.

“Thirty minutes is the maximum time you can have in a GBA cartridge and still keep it in an almost serviceable state,” explains Wulff.

To do this, he reduced the video to six frames per second with a resolution of 192×128. Meanwhile, the sound mix – which is the target of criticism even in the original version – was well compromised when it was played on the laptop’s speakers.

Obviously, the experience of watching Tenet on a Game Boy Advance is not exactly the same as that recommended by Christopher Nolan. However, this “edition” is something very curious.

Watch the video with the step by step of the laborious process developed by Wulff:


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