Tenet to raise $ 800 million to be profitable


According to information reported by Indiewire, Tenet is expected to raise $ 800 million at the global box office to make a profit for Warner Bros. For this, the long-awaited film by Christopher Nolan will have a great challenge ahead, considering the current situation of closing theaters, due to the coronavirus pandemic, without a definite return.

Tenet to raise $ 800 million at the box office

This minimum amount was calculated based on the production budget, estimated at the US $ 400 million. The remaining $ 400 million would go to advertising and distribution costs, which increase successively as new delays are announced.

Originally scheduled to premiere in July, the film has already undergone two changes and is currently scheduled to hit the big screen on August 12. In addition, even if the reopening of theaters occurs soon, consumer confidence is likely to show a downward trend in the industry in 2020, with a preference for watching content at home rather than going to the traditional viewing venue.

China, one of the world’s largest markets for financial returns for Hollywood productions, also shows the same signs of uncertainty and slowdown. This fact already indicates the concern to implement security measures that encourage the resumption, such as social distance, however, it will impact the number of people per room and thus lead to a decrease in box office.

Despite being promoted as the film that will save the film industry, and championed by Nolan as an experience to be consumed on the big screen, the director together with the studio may have to change their initial plans and consider launching on streaming services, even if few days after the official theatrical debut.

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In this sense, experts point out that this strategy could bring a greater financial return for Tenet, especially if it arrived at HBO Max, which could attract more subscribers to the platform.


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