Tenet: new trailer gives more clues to the plot of Nolan’s film


Warner Bros. released on Thursday (21) a new trailer for Tenet, a spy film directed by Christopher Nolan. Unusually, the preview was first released in the game Fortnite and then available on the studio’s YouTube channel, and reveals more details of the plot of the ambitious production, albeit in an enigmatic way.

Previously, there was the interpretation and that the feature film would deal with event manipulation through time travel, however, the video emphasizes that the general concept covered will be a “reversal of the time flow” to prevent a possible World War 3. With many exciting and explosive action scenes, undercover agents John David Washington (Infiltrated on the Klan) and Robert Pattinson (The Batman) set out to take on the mission. Check out!

Thus, the trailer indicates that the character of Washington and his allies will be after the opponent of the feature, played by Kenneth Brangah (Dunkirk). This is presented as a Russian capable of communicating with the future to achieve the plan that will bring consequences, still unknown, catastrophic to the current world. In this context, we will have the efforts of the protagonists to avoid this action, through scenes of gunfire, car chase and plane crash in a hangar.

Theatrical release guarantee
In addition, the video makes it clear that the film will be released in theaters, something Nolan would be dedicating to happen as soon as possible. Although the premiere date is set for July 16, at the end of the video there is no more reference to this day, which only indicates the arrival on the screens “soon”.

This is due to a lack of definition of when the cinemas will resume their activities, in view of the application of security measures that guarantee the public’s health. Thus, it is possible that Tenet is the first blockbuster to usher in this new phase of the entertainment industry, but still with no definite prediction to happen.


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