Tenet failed for the first time in the USA, but worldwide


The first films released in the United States after the start of the pandemic show that the public is not yet prepared to return to theaters. Last weekend, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet raised $ 6.7 million, accumulating $ 29.5 million so far. The New Mutants, on the other hand, had $ 2 million in the period, reaching $ 15.3 million since its debut two weeks ago.

It is worth mentioning, however, that not all US cinemas are reopened: for now, only 70% have been released, while major markets such as Los Angeles and New York remain closed. Ticket offices were also impacted by the smaller number of sessions and the restricted capacity of the rooms

On the other hand, cinemas in the rest of the world are saving Hollywood producers. Tenet won $ 30.6 million in the international market last weekend, raising his worldwide box office to $ 200 million. Results in China, France and Germany are apparently normal compared to major pre-pandemic releases.

Warner has been slow to release Tenet’s daily box office results. The fear is that journalists will label the film as a failure, without contextualizing the period of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on establishments. The studio’s expectation is that Nolan’s film will have a long exhibition career as new locations reopen the rooms.

Mulan conquers China

Another long-awaited debut since the beginning of the pandemic was that of Mulan. The film arrived on the Disney + streaming platform, receiving criticism that it deserved to be seen on the big screen. This happened last weekend, with the debut of $ 23 million in China.

Despite having the best result of the period, the box office was not as explosive as expected. For comparison, the Chinese film The Eight Hundred premiered the same weekend and grossed $ 21.7 million.

In China, North American films can be shown for only 1 month. With the debut numbers, it is estimated that Mulan will earn a maximum of $ 41 million over there. That would be less than the estimated $ 65 million for Tenet, who, last weekend, raised $ 10.2 million and won the bronze medal.


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