Tenet: A film finally linked to Inception?


The resemblance between Inception and Tenet may not be where it was sought.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on Tenet. Tenet is not the sequel to Inception, but rather a step-parent of the film. This is how John David Washington, aka the Protagonist, described Christopher Nolan’s two blockbusters. Although they are not officially linked, with the director having refuted this theory, it remains difficult not to find common ground between them. One, in particular, isn’t about the styling of these two films, or the fact that they both offer a different take on time and space. As Screen Rant points out, this similarity between Tenet and Inception is that both films are about the birth of an idea in the mind of a protagonist.

Inception is a technique aimed at introducing an idea into the mind of a target, passing through the dream world. Even if in Tenet it is not a question of dreams but of reality, an idea is still introduced into the mind of the Protagonist. This idea is the concept of Tenet. It is the Protagonist of the future who makes every effort to ensure that his past version is interested in this notion and launches operations in addition to participating in it. He even puts Neil (Robert Pattinson) in his way. In a way, the Protagonist has managed to manipulate himself, to give himself the idea of ​​creating the Tenet organization. In addition to holding the road, this interpretation of events is very interesting. She also brings a new read on the film, which makes it a bit more understandable and digestible as a whole. Tenet is more than ever an enigmatic film, like the puzzle which partly inspired him.

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