Tencent Plans To Buy Crytek For €300 Million, Rumor Says


Tencent: A rumor coming from a German tabloid points to Tencent as one of the candidates for a possible acquisition of Crytek. The information comes from a BILD journalist, who not only mentions the attempted purchase by the Chinese company, but also mentions a million dollar value for the contract: 300 million euros! That’s more than R$1.8 billion in the currency’s current quote.

Every rumor should always be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism, and in this case even more. BILD is known for making somewhat sensational news, and in the tweet thread itself above we can see journalist Julian Röpcke steering the information into an area of ​​political controversy. He points out simulators that Crytek would have made for the US military and that the Chinese government would try to take advantage of them strategically, making the purchase by Tencent.

Daniel Ahmad, who is known for his gaming coverage on Twitter, and has far more credible credibility than BILD, also spoke on the subject. He points out that it is no secret that Crytek is looking for a buyer and that it is quite possible that Tencent is among the candidates, but he dismisses the attempts to sensationalize the situation, made by the original post.

Regardless of whether Tencent’s interest is real or not, fans of the Crysis franchise need to be on the lookout for Crytek’s future, because it looks like the company could indeed end up being taken over by a larger one in the near future.


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