Tencent Claims to Work Together on a New Cloud Gaming Service with Huawei


It is claimed that Tencent, one of the important video game companies in China, is preparing to enter the cloud game industry by cooperating with Huawei. According to a report in Reuters, the company has set up a huge laboratory for this service, which will be called “GameMatrix”.

The video game industry has been in a serious change over the past few years. The games that have been released recently have improved significantly in terms of both their quality and their stories. This naturally required stronger computers and larger storage areas. Technology giants have started important projects to eliminate this problem.

The biggest innovation the video game industry has seen recently has been cloud gaming platforms. A few tech giants, especially the US-based tech giant Google, have offered gamers the opportunity to play on cloud technology. Today, gamers can play games over the cloud using services such as Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and xCloud. Now it seems that a new one is being added to these services.

According to a report in Reuters, Tencent, one of the popular game developers in China, is preparing to enter the cloud game industry. It is even claimed that Tencent is working with Huawei, a Chinese technology giant, for its new service. The information in the news in question states that Tencent has set up a huge innovation laboratory with Huawei for its new service.

According to allegations, the cloud game project jointly conducted by Tencent and Huawei is called “GameMatrix”. It is stated that this service will use Huawei’s server processors called Kunpeng and that both Huawei and Tencent will develop artificial intelligence and augmented reality systems for this service. Apparently, the video game industry will witness very important developments in the future.

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There are still many puzzlers about GameMatrix, which Tencent and Huaewi allegedly developed together. For example, which hardware will be powered by this system is currently unknown. Nvidia and Google use Intel’s hardware for their cloud gaming services. GameMatrix, launched by the Chinese tech giants, could pave the way for Huawei to start a war against Intel.

Tencent is better known for its mobile games in global markets. However, we can say that the company includes much more than that. For example, Tencent, the developer of League of Legends, which is chasing millions of gamers today, and the company that has the biggest share on Epic Games shares. The company is also the world’s largest video game company on paper. So Tencent’s cloud gaming service can offer gamers great things.


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