Tencent Buys Sackboy Studio and Crackdown 3 for $1.2 Billion


Tencent: Chinese giant Tencent will acquire Sumo Group, a British developer with a varied catalog of titles. The deal will be worth $1.26 billion and now depends on regulatory approval.

According to CNBC, the purchase was made because of Tencent’s interest in the company’s experience in developing AAA titles and games in the form of a service (GaaS) for the most diverse franchises and platforms — including Sega, Sony and Microsoft.

Founded in 2003 as Sumo Digital, the group is now made up of 14 studios in five countries. They include Pipeworks Studios (from the console ports of Terraria and Devil May Cry: HD Collection), plus Sackboy’s own Sumo Digital: A Big Adventure, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 2 and Hitman 2, among many others.


Tencent already owned 8.75% of the company through share control, but will now be the majority owner of the brand with the purchase of another 43%. As in the case of other companies controlled by the giant, little should change in the way the studios work.

The Chinese is considered the largest publisher in the games industry, as it partially or totally controls companies such as Riot Games (100%), Epic Games (40%), Dontnod (23%), Activision Blizzard (5%) and Ubisoft ( 5%), in addition to many others in smaller percentages.


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