Ten of WayV celebrates his birthday with much love and support from fans


The fandom made several projects to celebrate it.

Today is a very special day for WayZenNi and NCTzen, because Ten is celebrating his birthday. The idol has shown great talent, since he is not only a member of WayV and NCT, he was also selected to be part of SuperM.

Through social networks, the fandom has shown all his love and support to make this day very special for him.

Ten is celebrating 24 years, (25 in Korean age), with the hashtag #HAPPYTENDAY, fans have published several congratulatory messages on social networks, they have also shared their favorite photos and videos of the singer.

WayZenNi is very proud of how far Ten has come , because they know he is an idol with a great vocal talent and they hope he is happy during his birthday.


The fandom has also shared the projects that were carried out in his name. Some fanbases colored posters to take pictures, another gift was to place an ad on the YouTube platform in honor of Ten .

Without a doubt, the idol is receiving a lot of love from NCTzen , who also remembered their funniest moments.

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