TemTem: How To Make Money


In TemTem, money is called Pansun. Players will need tons of this currency to buy all kinds of items, from TemTem capture cards to breeding items. There are several ways to farm this much needed currency, but some of them are not good ways to make money. For example, although selling items gives players a certain amount of Pansun, it’s not the best waste of time, but those items that are hard to find in the world. Breeding TemTem and releasing them is also not very profitable. So what can players do to make money fast?

Farming Pansun by releasing TemTem

While fighting other TemTem tamers is one of the best ways to earn money per hour in TemTem, players will run out of tamers to fight pretty quickly. To keep the money flowing long after the fights run out, players will need to capture and release on the farm.

Capture and release in this creature capture video game is pretty simple: First, players will need to collect cards to capture a new TemTem, and then go into the world and catch as many as possible.

After that, bring them all to the Free Temtem organization in Superior Omninesia and let them go for money. The amount of Pansun a player receives for a TemTem depends on the type of TemTem, its characteristics and other rarity factors.

Players can release all their spare parts whenever they have a chance, but there are several ways to increase the amount of money per hour if players just want to farm some money:

Use only regular cards. TemTem fishing cards are available in a large assortment, which costs more, but in fact does not greatly increase the speed of capture. Farm with any wind-type temtem that Cold Breeze can use. When this move is used twice, it can freeze opponents in place and make catching much easier. TemTem that can use this attack are Oree, Zaobian, Wiplump and Volarend. Use Cold Breeze with TemTem with a very high or maximum special attack. This will increase the likelihood of other temtems hanging. Look for areas with a high concentration of expensive TemTem, for example, on the southwestern island near the Anak volcano. In this location, there is a high rate of Magmis and Mastione, which can be released for a lot of Pansun.

TemTem is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.


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