TemTem: How to Get Gravitonic Piolets Climbing Equipment


TemTem is a new game from the developers of Crema, in which you need to catch monsters. This Pokemon-like MMORPG confronts players with a huge list of small creatures called TemTem, which they can catch, make friends, develop, level up, train and fight with other Tem. One of the items needed to see the whole vast world of the Theme is called Gravitonic Piolets climbing equipment.

Gravitonic Piolets climbing equipment will allow players to overcome steep cliffs with their hands. This is a fairly late game item, which will require a lot of quests to get; it is located on the fourth of all the islands, called Windward Kisiwa.

What are graviton piolets?

These gravity defying climbing paws were added to TemTem during the Kisiwa upgrade back in 2020. They allow players to climb vertical cliffs, but only in certain places. The surfaces that can be climbed are indicated by orange lines on the world map and a texture similar to a wooden panel in the game. Here’s how it will look like:

Once players receive Gravitonic Piolets, they will gain access to several treasure chests that were previously unavailable. To use them, TemTem players simply need to walk on a surface that can be climbed, and then use the direction buttons to move.

How to get climbing equipment in TemTem

To pick up this coveted item and get all these high treasures, players will need to advance through the TemTem storyline until they reach Kisiwa. Defeat the dojo leader Musa and collect all those sweet TemTem pansuns. After that, continue the main story quests until the Gino Gap Exploration quest becomes available. The quest in which players receive this item is called the “Battle of Kisiwa” and is the sixth main quest. The NPC who will give climbing equipment is called Badru. First, players will need to walk past him until the cut scene begins, and then he will appear to give them equipment.

Items to get after Gravitonic Piolets

Finally grabbing the Gravitonic Piolets in this multiplayer video game, the tamers must head into the wild to start climbing and collecting items they couldn’t before. Here are some of the best to get started:

Slingshot: Look for a small platform on the coast of Praslin in Deniz. The focus of Mental TemTem can be caught on the platform for lifting in the location “Gifted Bridges” by Denise. In the caves of Aguamarina there is a surface on which you can climb to the Water Temple.

‚ÄčTemTem is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.


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