Tem tem will be a real hit for Xbox Game Pass


Pokemon has remained one of the largest family entertainment franchises on the planet since its debut in 1996. A long-running series of beloved role—playing games, an extremely popular collectible card game, and several anime series are just some of Pokemon’s most successful creations. the media, and it barely scratches the surface. It’s almost impossible for any competitors to reach the same heights as Pokemon, but that hasn’t stopped Temtem from trying-and the Xbox Game Pass could allow it to reach a much larger audience.

Having first appeared on Kickstarter back in June 2018, Temtem had a bold and clear vision: to become an MMO about Pokemon. Kickstarter gained momentum pretty quickly, and the game soon received funding. After some time in early access, the developer finally released the Temtem 1.0 update and moved the game to the console. Given the inherent popularity of the Temtem premise and the fact that it has already accumulated, it seems that this is the perfect Xbox Game Pass game for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, it should appear in the Xbox Game Pass

The overall game cycle of Temtem is exactly as originally described in the title. Players will enter the colorful world of the Temtem Archipelago of Airborne Troops, a nation of six floating islands, and embark on a journey to become the best tamer of temtems on earth. Players will go into the bushes to provoke collisions, catch adorable little creatures with their Claws and train them to become stronger by fighting other tamers. But the big hook of Temtem is that most of the tamers that players will see in the normal world are all the other players from the real world.

Being an MMO, Temtem allows players to work together to destroy stronger monsters, or fight each other to see who is the best tamer. As players embark on their own journey, they will be able to see hundreds of other players doing the same, making the world of Temtem feel like it’s bursting with excitement. Temtem also has customization mechanics where players can create their own character and unlock a variety of cosmetics. Players can also buy and decorate their own house in the game and invite other players to check it out by borrowing some elements from Animal Crossing.

Temtem is the perfect game for Xbox Game Pass. Since Temtem has been in early access on Steam since January 2020, the game has become quite iconic over the past two years. Every few months or so Temtem spreads on social media, and its Pokemon-inspired MMO game immediately attracts nostalgic gamers. At the same time, Temtem is still a relatively unknown game, and the general gaming public does not know anything about it. Thus, despite the fact that the game has already been fully released and launched on modern consoles, there seems to be very little noise around Temtem right now.

Time and again, it has been noticed that the Xbox Game Pass can take the game to new heights and introduce it to an audience that otherwise would never have thought of acquiring it. If Temtem appears in the Xbox Game Pass, it will not only attract more attention and players to the game, but also potentially attract more subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass. Since Temtem is currently quite expensive on modern consoles, Game Pass, which is a more affordable option, can lead to successful pairing.

Temtem can be played on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.


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