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What is Luma in TemTem? The Best Way to Farm Luma TemTem How to Use Radar in TemTem

TemTem is a Pokemon—like game that allows players to catch all kinds of cute new friends that they fight, fight other tamers, fight real players, etc. This game has many structures similar to other monster catching games like Pokeball, including maps and evolution systems.

One of these monster hunting systems is called Luma and is a much rarer version of the original TemTem. Luma has been updated a bit with the new 1.0 update, and TemTem players, new and old, will need to learn all about these updates in order to farm Luma.

What is Luma in TemTem?

TemTem is a creature collecting game that is also an MMORPG. Players travel the world in search of new and unique TemTem to replenish their teams and fight with other tamers. In TemTem, rarer versions of TemTem are called Luma. It’s the equivalent of Shiny Pokemon or Shifted monsters from Monster Sanctuary.

Luma used to be extremely rare in TemTem, but the developers have changed many of the rules regarding these rare catches to make them more accessible to players. Now that the 1.0 update is out, here are the rules that Luma follows in the game:

While Luma were incredibly rare in early access, Crema developers updated the catch rate from 1/10,000 to 1/7500. The safari-like saypark on the Deniz Islands alternates with special weeks with lots of Luma chances per encounter. The Luma always has three ideal characteristics and at least 25 SV for all other characteristics. Players can buy a Radar to find Luma more often. Crossing two TemTem together has a base chance of 1/7500 to produce a Luma, which is a significant improvement over previous odds. One Luma and one regular TemTem have a 1 in 750 chance of spawning another Luma. Breeding two Luma has a 1 in 75 chance. Unfortunately, each TemTem is very limited by the fertility system, and each of them can only reproduce 8 or fewer times.

The Best Way to Farm Luma TemTem

Despite the fact that there are many ways to farm glitter in TemTem, players will most likely want to know how best to get Luma for themselves.

If players want to be sure that they will receive a shiny toy after a certain time, the best way is to buy a shiny egg or Luma at auction. It will cost a lot of Pansan in TEMTEM, but players will have a guaranteed shine after a certain amount of time. If players need a Luma with the least effort, waiting for enhanced meetings at the Saipark on the Deniz Islands is the best way to achieve this. Thus, you will have to wait a long time until the correct TemTem becomes TemTem-of-the-Week. If players need the most consistent and cheapest way to earn as much Luma as possible, Radar is what they need.

How to use radar in TemTem

The recent 1.0 TemTem update changed the Radar element to make it a little easier to use. Here are some of the things that have changed and those that haven’t:

Radar can now be bought for feathers in Tamer’s Paradise. Rematches in the Dojo no longer provide radar. There are different types of radar, and it is necessary to purchase the right radar for the appropriate TemTem. For example, a fire radar should be used to detect TemTem type Fire. The radar must be used in the natural habitat of TemTem to work. Radars no longer have an expiration date and will remain active until they are broken or replaced with a new type of radar. The number of collisions has been reduced from 400 to 300. Radar will no longer cause developed forms. All Themes now have the same 100% appearance rate.

In TemTem, the radar works by making the selected type appear in the world. Players must continue to face TemTem and then win. Players must continue the chain until Luma appears. There are several ways to break the chain and lose your radar:

Escape from collision with radar. Do not run away from an uninspiring encounter with another evolutionary line. All the player’s TemTem are dead and they lose consciousness.

TemTem is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.


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