Telltale’s The Expanse opens up many possibilities for Zero-G puzzles


Telltale Games has unveiled a new trailer for The Expanse: A Telltale Series at Gamescom Opening Night Live this year. Telltale is back on track with a unique approach to the famous TV series, following in the footsteps of “Game of Thrones” or “Very Strange Cases” released before the sudden closure of Telltale in 2018. his source material, The Expanse, could be the perfect series to adapt Telltale.

What makes The Expanse especially interesting is the new mechanics of weightlessness. Since The Expanse primarily takes place in the depths of space, it would be unusual not to give players the opportunity to become completely weightless astronauts. At Gamescom, viewers saw The Expanse’s take on the zero gravity environment, demonstrating how much they can explore different levels, from ship corridors to open-air wrecks. Thanks to Telltale’s penchant for adding puzzles along with moral choices and dialogue trees, the zero gravity environment can add new depth to puzzle solving.

Previous Telltale Puzzles

Telltale Games has gained fame thanks to games such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us”, which are characterized by episodic formats and the importance of moral choice. Although at first these games were more like visual novels with branched dialogue trees that had quick events for action moments, Telltale refined its formula to include more game elements. Unsurprisingly, Telltale started including puzzles in its later games.

Telltale’s Batman games are a good example of this, because although the Batman: Arkham series drew huge crowds, they were still essentially beat ’em up adventure games. Telltale was able to explore Batman’s side as the greatest detective in the world, giving players the opportunity to conduct their own crime scene investigations and uncover hidden truths. Despite its simplicity, it set Telltale’s Batman games apart by containing more than just moral riddles, and would probably have continued in future projects if the studio hadn’t gone bankrupt.

The problems of solving puzzles in zero gravity

With the introduction of weightlessness in the Telltale format, the level design can become more vertical than ever before. Traditionally, players have been given a closed environment with lots of things to do and find, but with zero gravity, players will also be able to explore up and down, turning these once flat levels into potentially vast areas with many hidden corners and by nature. different routes. In The Expanse gameplay trailer, players explore a sunken ship or station, demonstrating how open these levels can be.

In addition to the increased range of exploration, weightlessness is a new mechanic in games like Heavenly Bodies, which, by the way, demonstrates the difficulties of navigating and solving puzzles in space. Telltale can take advantage of weightlessness by moving usually heavy objects, or use momentum physics to create situations in which players may need to escape from drifting in space. Thanks to the unique setting and extensive source material, The Expanse has great potential.

How Telltale plans to use weightlessness can be tricky, depending on how close to The Expanse’s commitment to real science it will stick to. Canonically, the ships in The Expanse do not generate gravity, but instead use physics to simulate it, using centripetal force or maintaining acceleration. If players encounter a situation where realistic weightlessness is used, they will not be able to simply turn it on and off. Then it will be interesting to see how Telltale copes with this task and what puzzles it can put in the way of players.

The release of The Expanse: A Telltale Series is scheduled for the summer of 2023.


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