Tell Me Why, a Free Game For a Limited time on PC, Xbox One and Series X / S


Tell Me Why, The game from the creators of Life is Strange will be available in full for the next 30 days.June has started with a new free game. By surprise, Microsoft has made available to players the three episodes of Tell Me Why, the narrative adventure of Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange or Vampyr. Although the description reads that only the first chapter is free, downloading it includes the full game, both on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well as on PC (Microsoft Store). The promotion will end in a month.

Tell Me Why follows the story of two twin brothers, once thick and thin, although events in the past have shaped their future. After the mysterious death of their mother, the duo lives apart and tries to heal the wounds of that terrible event. However, the time comes when the two come together to return to their old family home, a house in a quiet town. His intention is to sell the house and say goodbye to his hometown.

Tyler and Alyson’s Story: An Unsolved Death

When brothers Tyler and Alyson get together again, something changes inside. As in other Dontnod Entertainment video games, the studio has chosen to add certain supernatural powers. In this case, the French delve into the connection between twins and twins, which in Tell Me Why is represented with a specific ability: the two can communicate through their mind and relive events from the past. After several days in the family home, the mystery about the death of his mother resurfaces. Can they solve the riddle?

Tell Me Why is free just in the month in which Pride 2021 is celebrated. The game, remember, introduces a trans protagonist.

Dontnod Entertainment, for its part, has disassociated itself from the Life is Strange saga, which will continue with Deck Nine, who have already worked on Life is Strange: Before Storm, the prequel to the original.