Television Continues a Tumultuous Series of Updates, As This Show of The 90s, Harrison Ford’s “1923” and Two More Are Being Updated


While many shows have faced really bad news from streamers like Netflix and HBO Max (who both canceled numerous shows) over the past few months, plenty of others have gotten the very best news they could get. And this stream of good news continues to follow in the footsteps of updates for shows like “Wednesday,” “Cobra Kai,” and “Land of Fire,” as the four networks have just picked up four new shows, including “The 90s Show,” Harrison Ford’s “1923,” Alexandra’s “The Mayfair Witches.” Daddario and the restart of the Night Court.

This show of the 90s is scheduled for another season

In less than two weeks on the streamer, Netflix renewed “The Show of the 90s” for a second season. The series is a spin-off of its beloved predecessor, The ’70s Show, and features characters from the original series as well as their children. The streamer announced the exciting news via Twitter, check it out:

While critics were ambivalent about the “90s Show,” fans enjoyed a nostalgic journey through the 1990s. Especially when it comes to finding out what their beloved children did between the 70s and 90s, even if Mila Kunis wasn’t thrilled about a serious relationship exchange.

It’s nice that we’re spending more time with this new cast of kids who live in the ’90s, and hopefully next season there will also be even more cameos from the ’70s OG show.

The first season of the “90s Show” can be viewed on a Netflix subscription.

1923 Will continue to expand the Yellowstone universe

The 1923 update, according to TV Line, will mark the continuation of the Dutton family’s origin story and the expansion of Taylor Sheridan’s television world. The creator managed to convince Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren to join the cast, adding to the A-Listers in the Yellowstone universe as it tells the story of a family from Big Sky in the 1920s.

At the time of the update, “1923” is halfway through eight episodes, and from the very beginning, this show has become very successful, gathering one of the largest audiences in the history of Paramount+. Along with its predecessors “Yellowstone” and “1883”, “1923” continues to tell the story of the Dutton Ranch.

The next episode of “1923” will be released on February 5, and it will be available to watch on a Paramount+ subscription.


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