Televisa assures that it will win with the arrival of Disney +


On November 17, Disney + will arrive in Mexico, so Televisa will offer an additional service for izzi users.

The Televisa company continues to add more projects regarding its entertainment content, because with the arrival of Disney + to Mexico on November 17, new changes will emerge with the streaming platform, as they have revealed more details in this regard.

And is that the company will offer Disney Plus as an additional service for izzi users, so that both can benefit from this new project, as revealed by Salvi Folch, director of Televisa’s cable segment, during a conference.

The director mentioned that Disney + will be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico, since it will not be a competitor of Televisa, but rather the streaming platform and the company will benefit.

Disney + will be available in Mexico

For now they have not revealed more details about Disney Plus and izzi, due to a confidentiality agreement that Televisa has signed with Disney, as this was revealed by Grupo Televisa’s executive co-president, Alfonso de Angoitia.

During the interview, Folch commented that they are very happy with the growth they have experienced due to the use of subscriber VOD, since they also have Blim, Noggin, Starz, Netflix and now they will have Disney.

And it is that in a recent report, they announced that in the last two months, the Disney + company has already exceeded 50 million subscribers, which has been strong competition against Netflix, since it reached them in less than half a year.

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For now, Somagnews will keep you informed about the upcoming arrival of the Disney + streaming platform to Mexico, so more details are expected to be released on November 17 when it arrives in the country.


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