Telethon sponsor M Pokora reminds donations!


In an interview with Télé Star, M Pokora made some confidences. He recalled the importance of donations, especially for the Telethon

Since M Pokora became a dad, he seems really over the moon. While fatherhood has good sides, there is still stress in his life. Like, for example, the fear of illness. As a sponsor of the Telethon, he reiterated the importance of donations.

In an interview with Télé Star, M Pokora made several confidences about the Telethon. At first, he confided: “Being a godfather when I became a dad makes even more sense”.

Ms. Pokora also added, “Imagine a rare disease for which we have no cure. When I see these children, I see mine. Just talking about it … During the Covid pandemic, rare diseases did not take any leave “.

The young man revealed: “I will do everything to ensure that the donations break records. A donation is never in vain. Let us all put ourselves in the place of these parents, of these children ”.


Ms. Pokora continued, “Without gene therapy, parents would see their children not pass the age of two. Even during the Covid 19 epidemic, the disease does not take time off.

The singer also concluded: “The generosity of the French is essential to give hope to parents who await treatment for their children.” It seems that his role as a daddy made him open his eyes even more.

Although he fights very often for causes close to his heart, the young man does not hesitate to point out the importance of things. If because of Covid 19, the event will not take place, it does not mean that M Pokora does not talk about it.

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In interviews and on social media, he reiterates the importance of donations. Especially for the Telethon. It remains to be seen whether his fans will follow his advice. To be continued!


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