Telephone Usage Climaxed in Quarantine Period

KUALA LUMPUR 16 APRIL 2020. Sebahagian individu warga tempatan yang dikuarantin sementara melambai tangan tanda Sokongan kepada barisan hadapan yang bertugas untuk Covid19 dan Kerajaan Malaysia ketika tinjauan di Impiana Hotel pada program "Thumb to Malaysia " malam ini. Impiana hotel antara lokasi yang digazetkan kerajaan bagi menempatkan individu yang perlu menjalani saringan Covid 19. Seramai 500 orang yang baru pulang dari luar negara ditempatkan sementara bagi saringan covid 19. NSTP/ASWADI ALIAS.

According to a survey by Android Authority, a significant number of smartphone users started using their smartphones more than usual during the quarantine process.

Many people do not step out of their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, the phones take an important place among the alternatives we are looking to spend time. For almost everyone, the phone now has parts that they cannot think of separately.

You probably noticed that you spent more time on your phone while you were at home. You probably think that the time you spend on social media has increased. But is this really the case?

More than half of people use their phones more
Android Authority asked its followers a single, very simple question: “How often do you use your phone during the Covid-19 process?” The answers to the question were announced at some point.

While 55,62% of the participants stated that they use their phones much more than usual, 36.93% said that they did not experience a change in the phone usage rates. On the other hand, those with reduced phone use remained only at 7.45%.

While the number of respondents was close to 700, it was seen that people significantly increased their phone usage. This situation is not surprising, because many of us have a hard time finding something to do when we close the house due to coronavirus.

This research is not ultimately a scientific paper, so it has no valid results. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that if we have an idea about the results, one of the most basic needs of people is socializing.

Coronavirus closes people home
Due to the coronavirus epidemic, people have not been leaving their homes in recent months. Thus, the rate of spread of the outbreak needs to be reduced. Many employees work from home and hold their meetings online. Students started to receive distance education.

Similar figures that would support research for smartphones had come from Steam before. The record for the total number of people playing games on the game platform was also improved each weekend.


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