Telephone activates 5G: 75% coverage of the country


Protagonist of the greatest technological novelty of 2019, 5G is a jump to a higher wireless browsing speed, 100 times faster than the current one and more beneficial in all aspects than the 4G we use today. In Spain, the first 5G networks were activated in the summer of last year by the hand of Vodafone. But how quickly will we adopt the new data networking standard? Well, Telefónica from today.

Telefónica’s 5G in Spain

Telefónica today announced the start-up of its 5G network in Spain, which will allow 75% of the Spanish population to access this technology before the end of this year. The official announcement was made by the CEO of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, who highlighted that “the launch of our 5G network is a leap forward towards hyperconnectivity that will change the future of Spain.”

With this boost, Telefónica accelerates the digitization of SMEs, public administrations and citizens in the country. Telefónica, which will launch an offer for both private customers and companies, is committed to the multitude of direct and indirect transversal benefits that 5G brings to key sectors such as:

– Transport

– The tourism

– Energy

– The Automotive

– Health


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