Telegram Will Pay $ 625 Thousand For GRAM Case


There was a new development in the Gram case for Telegram. Accordingly, Telegram will pay a full $ 625,000 compensation to Lantah LLC, which it was defendant in 2018 due to the patent dispute.

Telegram, one of the biggest messaging apps in the world, never smiles because of the courts. Telegram is now Lantah LLC, due to the GRAM name. He has to pay 625 thousand dollars to the company named. Due to the patent dispute over the name of GRAM, the giant company filed a lawsuit with Lantah company in 2018. Although the plaintiff was Telegram, Lantah was justified with the court decision.

Telegram lost its patent lawsuit

The giant messaging platform organized the first digital currency supply (ICO) for the GRAM token in 2017. The company, which later aimed to distribute 2.9 billion units of GRAM to 175 investors in total, was also sued with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the USA for this reason.

In 2018, the company filed a lawsuit against Lantah firm for patent infringement. Lantah denied Telegram’s allegations and applied to the court himself. According to Lantah’s claims, the company had already applied to the United States Patent and Trademark office in 2017 for the patent of the name GRAM. The court decision became clear recently and required Telegram to pay 625 thousand dollars to Lantah.

Clear details about compensation fees became clear with the document published on November 2. Accordingly, the wage for 1030.4 hours of work was determined as 600 dollars and 900 was cut as the lawyer fee. The document also stated that Lantah wanted $ 900 instead of $ 600 an hour, but the judge did not accept this decision.

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“Nobody can stop”

Due to the tension between Telegram and SEC, the famous messaging application has suffered more than one hit. Telegram had to use the name of the blockchain platform, which it called TON, as Telegram Open Network. The company, which lost its naming rights for TON, also restricted GRAM tokens.

After losing to the SEC, Telegram learned that it cannot distribute tokens neither within the US nor in any other country. Stating that they are prepared for the situation after this development, the following statement was made for the TON project:

“TON is a decentralized and open source project, and as a result, no institution will be able to prevent the platform from opening.”


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