Telegram will let you join a group using a QR code


Creating a group in a messaging application is very simple. All it takes is a few clicks to create the room and enter the rest of the users. This always works, and also you don’t need to be close to the rest to create it. However, in Telegram they think that it is possible to get more out of the QR code and that is why they are already working on invitations to groups by scanning the screen of a mobile.

Scan the code and enter a Telegram group

Telegram continues in its eagerness to further improve its service and attract more users. It is not an easy task considering the strong competition, but it is not an impossible task. It’s all about bringing new features and options to users, and this is something the firm has not stopped at. One of the latest news has to do with the use of QR codes.

These codes made with squares and some images have been the solution for shops and bars to put their proposals, but now they have a new function. It turns out that Telegram is working on a function with which you can invite a person to a group through a QR code. This has its limitations, of course, since otherwise, a person can invite whoever they want and where they want.

For starters, scanned invitations have airtime imposed by administrators. Otherwise, the member limit will be activated, that is, the code will stop working when a number of new members that have used the code are reached.

Message penalty

Unlike WhatsApp groups, Telegram can have thousands of members in a group. This helps many users to find out news about their interests and meet other users with the same concerns. However, as in any forum, some rules of conduct and tools are needed to avoid harassment. Therefore, according to what we read in AndroidPolice, Telegram will integrate a reporting system, important to report aggressive messages from other users.

Other news will also arrive such as the new widgets on the screen of your Android mobile. These will help to have new shortcuts on the display as well as a larger banner in which you can read the latest news that happens in your favorite application.