Telegram: users can join groups using QR Code


Telegram is testing a new feature that allows users to join groups from the app using a QR Code. The company has made numerous updates to the app and the news will be implemented in a new beta version made available to Android users this semester.

The discovery came from TestingCatalog, which looked at the latest Beta (7.5) and found changes. According to the website, it is now possible to invite users through a QR Code, making it easier to find groups in the app. The novelty had already been observed in macOS since last week, but only now has it integrated the beta of Telegram for the Android system.

The update also introduces a feature to limit group chat invitation links. That is, people will only be able to use the link for a certain period of time or until the member limit is reached. Group administrators will also be able to set up a custom timer to automatically delete messages from the group within 24 hours or seven days.

As a reaction to the growing wave of disinformation shared on social media, Telegram now allows users to report spam, violence, child abuse, pornography and “other” messages. The Beta version of Telegram is not yet available on the Play Store.


In January, Telegram was the most downloaded application worldwide. WhatsApp, which is usually one of the best positioned and dominant apps in the messenger category on the list, ranked fifth in the overall ranking. The reason for this change is the controversy surrounding the new WhatsApp terms of use, which came as a surprise and caused revolt among users. As a result of the revolt, the company postponed the implementation of the measure until May 2021.


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