Telegram: update allows you to sell and pay for products by chat


Telegram: A new update to the payments feature is expected to arrive at Telegram in the coming months. According to the TestingCatalog portal, the beta version of the messenger is allowing to test the sale of products directly in the chat.

The demonstration released by the portal uses stickers from the app as products, which must have a name and a brief description. Next to the item’s value, there will be a payment button.

To access the Telegram Payments 2.0 feature, you must use the beta version 7.7.2. If the person wants to send a product in the chat, just type “@shopbot” and click on the space bar. The app should show a list with several items and, after being selected, the product will be available in the conversation with a shortcut for purchase. The consumer will even be able to send a tip to the seller.

Currently, Telegram already has a payment option in the app, in partnership with PaymentWall, which processes payments by credit card, boleto and Mercado Pago. WhatsApp, competitor of the messenger, also gained authorization from the Central Bank to add payments directly in the app.

There is still no forecast for the launch of the new feature of Telegram.


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