Telegram tricks: how to change the chat background


Telegram is one of the most downloaded messaging applications on the market. Its most direct rival is WhatsApp, which it has nothing to envy in terms of functions. Some of them you have to know how to use even if you are a basic user, such as changing the background of Telegram chats. If you have never dared to do it, or do not know how, you just have to follow the following steps that we tell you below.

This is how the Telegram background is changed

The customization options are always present within the applications and any type of software. If you have a computer or a smartphone you will know it, but the programs give you several possibilities to improve the different points that you have at your fingertips, such as changing the Telegram background.

It is a function that every basic user should know, but sometimes you can lose sight of how you can do even such simple things and that is why we remind you how you can make these changes. Follow the steps below to do them.

Enter the Telegram application
Select the three lines in the upper left
From here, go to Settings> Chats.
Here you have several options to change the chat background

From now on you just have to go to the gallery and select the background that you like the most. This will be placed at the bottom of each chat you have open. By default this will be generic for everyone, that is, all chat rooms will have a common background.

Change the background in Telegram Web

Now that you have the possibility to change the Telegram background in your smartphone app, we have to tell you that there is more. And it is that the users of the app also have an application for the computer. The operation is the same as that of the smartphone version and you just have to follow the same instructions as the previous ones, since they share the same structure in this regard. Then you just have to browse the different chats and see that you have a new background to choose from.


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