Telegram Tests Feature To Avoid Spoilers In Messages


Telegram users may soon receive a tool that could be the solution to the anguish that occurs when intriguing movies are released (such as the recent Spider-Man: No Return Home), or the final chapter of a series that someone has watched. It is a “spoiler alert” that, once triggered, hides that information from recipients, unless they want to see it.

The feature was released by Reddit user Dylan Roussel, in a video played by Android Police on Monday (20), which “gives a spoiler” about the new change in development. The example shows the functionality running on an iOS version, but it’s logical to assume that the feature will be present on Android and the web. The screenshot also does not show whether the functionality will be made available for group chats.

New text format in development from Telegram

How will Telegram’s anti-spoiler feature work?

In the screen recording released, it is possible to note that, to use the new feature, the user must select the text that contains the spoiler before sending the message. Once that’s done, just send the message, which will reach the recipient with that sensitive information hidden by a group of fuzzy pixels “above” the text content, which will only appear if you touch it.

As Reddit’s editor was able to perfectly capture the sample video, it is possible to imagine that the antispoiler feature could be almost ready for use by the audience. As Telegram has a tradition of updating all its applications at the same time, it could be that the tool will hit all platforms simultaneously soon.