Telegram sued Apple for competitive practices


Telegram is the newest company to file a formal complaint in the European Union against Apple. The courier accuses the company of trust practices, that is, taking measures that are harmful to competition.

According to the Financial Times, there are two main arguments: the 30% commission charged by the company is unfair and the company limits the possibility of applications acting on the system too much, since it is only possible to download add-ons for iOS from the App Store itself from Apple.

The action was made official to the local regulatory body and was accompanied by an open letter from the CEO and co-founder of the app, Pavel Durov. In the text, he tries to debunk seven myths regarding Apple’s justification of charging the 30% fee. There, he argues that claims that dissatisfied developers can simply migrate to Android alone and that the commission is in line with what other companies charge are false.

Total control

That last line is only partially true: Google Play does in fact take the same share, but it is possible to download applications by third parties – such as the Epic Games Store, which for years made Fornite available only on its own platform, or from Amazon, that maintains a parallel store.

The process runs alongside at least two other actions, made by the audio streaming platform Spotify and Rakuten. The person responsible for iOS still responds by limiting the operation of Apple Pay. In addition, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, gave testimony on Wednesday (29) to a United States subcommittee that makes similar investigations. The meeting also involved other executives from major technology companies.

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