Telegram Stole $ 500 Thousand Cryptocurrency From Over


Telegram stole $ 500,000 worth of cryptocurrencies using malware on his channel. Telegram scams have been operating since November 2018.

Digital security company Avast announced in a report that it was stolen with a malware called HackBoss through Telegram. 2,833 people joined the channel of fraudsters using the name “Hack Boss” in Telegram.

How did they steal cryptocurrencies?

The fraudsters who produced HackBoss software attracted Telegram users with the slogan “Best practice for hackers (Bitcoin, bank, dating applications)”. Only administrators can share on the channel and various hacking software is shared for crypto money wallet, bank account, social media applications.

When users download and install shared software, they encounter an application with a simple interface. But the shared software includes HackBoss software that steals cryptocurrency. Even if users close the application, it continues to run in the background.

When the buyer wallet address is entered into the application, HackBoss steps in and changes the recipient address. Thus, the money sent falls into the hands of fraudsters.

Which crypto coins were stolen?

Avast stated that more than 100 wallet addresses were seized and the funds came from the HackBoss software as well as from the sale of fake apps. Cryptocurrencies seized by fraudsters:

  • 8.43 BTC
  • 6,89 ETH
  • 1.1 LTC
  • 2.299 DOGE

The approximate value of the stolen coins is at the level of $ 530,000 at the time of writing.