Telegram renewed voice chat feature


Sometimes someone skillfully implements such a simple idea that even giants line up to copy it. This was the case for Snapchat’s Story format or TikTok’s short videos at the time. Now we see a similar one with Clubhouse. Telegram, the recently rising rival of WhatsApp, does not remain indifferent to the voice chat format, which has become increasingly popular after the expected product of Twitter Spaces and Facebook. Telegram brings a completely different quality to the Voice Chat feature with the latest update.

The Voice Chat feature had come to Telegram as a group interview format over the last year. However, it was confused with the existing Group Talk feature. It offered similar controls, but was also transitioning beyond Telegram Groups. With Voice Chat 2.0, Telegram allows millions of users to join voice chats.

Voice Chat feature now supports a myriad of contacts for both channels and public groups. In this respect, it becomes similar to what the Clubhouse offers. Such conversations can be temporarily recorded for situations that may be needed in the future. This is clearly stated to avoid misunderstanding in terms of confidentiality. There is also a zoom and a hand raising feature, which we see in the Clubhouse. Thus, it will be a more interactive chat environment.

The number of applications and services that copy the Clubhouse application in terms of features is increasing. While Clubhouse still remains an invitation-only application specific to the iOS platform, Telegram Voice Chat 2.0 is available for public use. In other words, any Telegram user who wants can benefit from this innovation.

On the other hand, the latest Telegram update brings a few features that have nothing to do with voice chats. Messages sent in an unwanted situation may be canceled before they are actually sent. Also, if you stop listening to a long voicemail, you don’t have to start over. Additionally, Android users are seeing an innovation that allows them to choose which action to take when swiping left in a chat on the list.


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