Telegram Premium Subscription: What you get for $4.99 per month


Telegram has come a long way since its launch in 2013. Initially, the application gained popularity due to the fact that it hosts public channels and groups available to almost any user of the platform. However, over time, Telegram has added many features that are not available on other instant messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp and Singal. Most recently, the app launched a Premium subscription that offers unique features in exchange for a monthly fee.

Earlier this month, Telegram co-founder and owner Pavel Durov published a blog about the platform, in which he talked about a subscription-based model that will support the platform and provide users with the additional resources and speed they want. In addition, Durov mentioned: “I believe Telegram should be funded primarily by users, not advertisers,” as this will help the platform provide user-centric features.

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On June 19, 2022, Telegram announced that the number of monthly active users exceeded 700 million. While this number is a testament to Telegram’s popularity, it also means that Telegram is constantly upgrading its technology infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of users. The app claims that this growth is organic because it has never invested in paid advertising like other messaging apps do. However, this is not big news. After months of rumors and leaks, the app has finally released Telegram Premium, a paid subscription that adds exclusive benefits and features.

Telegram Premium offers increased limits, exclusive features

Users who subscribe to Telegram Premium can download large media files up to 4 GB in size, which is twice the current limit of 2 GB for free users. Since Premium users will be sending and receiving large media files, they will also be able to download them as fast as their internet service allows. In addition, they will receive increased restrictions on the existing functions of the application. For example, Telegram Premium users can join 1000 groups and channels, pin up to 10 chats to their main chat list, create up to 20 public links for their account and save up to 400 GIF files. These figures are twice the limit available to non-paying Telegram users.

In addition, Telegram Premium offers voice-to-text transcription, which can convert an audio message into text. The app has also launched a premium sticker collection that will be updated monthly and is available exclusively to subscribers with unique reactions to messages. Telegram has launched for the first time a chat management feature that allows users to group chats for efficient mailbox management. For example, users can create several chat folders with contacts related to their work and family, and enable a setting in the Privacy and Security section that automatically archives and mutes new chats in Telegram.

Premium users will also be able to change their membership with animated profile images and premium badges. Available exclusively for For premium users, animated profile images are short videos that are shown instead of a profile picture in chats and chat lists. As for the premium icon in the form of a star, it will be displayed next to the user’s name almost everywhere in the application — in chat lists, headers, lists of group members and much more. Last but not least, the application will not show ads (in large public channels) to Telegram Premium users.