Telegram news that we want on WhatsApp: profile videos


Currently, any successful application – or that aspires to be – must be constantly updating and including news that the competition does not have. And although Telegram is far from the figures of WhatsApp and its more than 2,000 million users per month, it can be considered as the second below this.

Telegram news

And, for many, the best, since it is always updated with news before WhatsApp, news like the ones we will see below and that we would love to see in the app owned by Facebook as well.

Profile Videos

Normally, in the profiles of an app or social network a photo is used, a still image. What Telegram suggests is to add a profile in motion. How? Using a profile video instead of a profile picture. Now you can upload a video to your profile and choose the frame you like as your static profile photo in chats. Record yourself in action, or wink and greet people just as if you were in a magical photo like the ones that appear in the Harry Potter saga.

Telegram’s multimedia editor will help you improve quality or make decorations with animated stickers. As your mood changes, you can quickly switch to a previous profile picture or video by tapping “Set as Primary”.

Soft skin

Continuing with the app’s multimedia editor, any photo or video you capture with the front camera now has a ‘smooth skin’ option, a filter that you can even add to a profile video to smooth the skin.

People nearby

The profile videos make meeting new people much more interesting, and on Telegram they have adapted the People Nearby section for the occasion. When people contact you through the Nearby People section, you will see how far they are. And when you start a chat with someone who is nearby, Telegram will suggest a greeting sticker to break the ice. To do this go to Contacts> Find people nearby and try tapping “Make me visible”.

Thumbnails and Message Preview

Have you ever wondered if the image you just received is just another meme or that selfie you were waiting for? Get an idea of ​​what kind of multimedia content is in a message right away thanks to the new thumbnails in the chat list. New thumbnails also appear in notifications and in message search results.

Another option related to the preview is that you can press and hold on a profile photo in the chat list to preview messages without opening the chat, a function that has been implemented since 2018.

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Filter new non-contact chats

Thanks to People Nearby and groups of up to 200,000 members, you can always find someone to chat. But if what you want is precisely the opposite, to reduce the attention you receive, Telegram has this covered with the new function for chats.

If you receive too many messages from users other than your contacts, try the new option in the privacy and security settings to archive and mute new chats from people who are not your contacts. You can access these chats whenever you want from the Archived Chats folder and return them to the main list with a tap.

Group Statistics

Large group owners with more than 500 members can now see beautiful detailed charts of their activity and growth. Statistics for groups also show a list of top members by number of messages and how many characters their messages have on average.

According to Telegram, the minimum number of subscribers to have statistics for channels was also reduced to 500, although “we are planning to enable group statistics for administrators of all groups with 100 members or more in the near future.

Exclusive news for Android Telegram

On Android, the music player has been redesigned with new “stylish” icons and an expandable track list: Tap the button on the left to control looping, shuffle, and to reverse the order of tracks.

Besides, when you are composing a message you will see that the writing field will expand when you write a long message. And the video editor now allows you to crop and rotate videos to help you hide any evidence that you were recording vertically.

Multiple accounts on Telegram Desktop

Speaking of the desktop version of the messaging app, Telegram allows you to be logged into 3 accounts with different phone numbers without having to log out, something that users of mobile versions have enjoyed this feature since 2017. And today this option It is coming to Telegram Desktop, the PC and laptop version of the app, something that unlike WhatsApp Web “does not require an active connection to your phone.”


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