Telegram may be revealing important data about you


Messaging applications have become one of the essential tools today to communicate from the mobile. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular and used worldwide, however, recent changes in the policy of the Facebook-owned app that focus on the exchange of user data between both applications has made that many people are thinking of stopping using it.

Among the main alternatives to WhatsApp we find Telegram and Signal. Perhaps the best known to most people in our country is Telegram, however, the app has many eyes on it after a major bug has been discovered.

They could know your location through Telegram

Specifically, during these first days of the year 2021, a security researcher has detected a failure whereby a hacker could know the location of a user and of those contacts who use the application. Everything that has to do with location is undoubtedly a great security risk, putting Telegram at the critical point of user privacy and security.

Telegram has indicated that the function that allows sharing the location with other people is deactivated by default for the safety of all users, so if someone has it activated it is because they decided to do it voluntarily. The company has not indicated at any time that it is considering changing or removing this feature and does not consider it to be a security breach.

So much so, that it ensures that users can be totally safe and protected from any data leakage while using the messaging app. To prevent someone from having access to our location or that of our contacts within the app, simply do not activate or use this function.

Signal is another of the messaging applications that is most concerned about user privacy and for many it is one of the safest and most private options. The truth is that Telegram is also considered a safe app despite having detected this possible security flaw when using the function that allows you to share your location with other people. Therefore, both options are an alternative if we do not want our WhatsApp data to be shared with Facebook after the update of the privacy policy of the famous messaging app.


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