Telegram Makes Fun of WhatsApp by New Feature


The rivalry between Telegram and WhatsApp is already known and sometimes generates some fun interactions between the platforms’ social network administrators. A WhatsApp ad about its new feature yielded a Telegram comment that says “what year are we in?” implying that the rival is outdated.

The news announced by the Facebook company is the migration of chats between iPhone and Android, however, the feature has not been fully implemented, as it only allows them to be migrated from the iOS system to Android — and not the other way around. Also, it is only available for Samsung devices.

Telegram took the opportunity to remind WhatsApp users that its platform implemented an automatic backup of all chats in the cloud and that its users can switch from iOS to Android and vice versa, without having to migrate data.

Despite offering so many extra features, Telegram still trails WhatsApp in terms of popularity. “Zap zap” is the most used chat app in the world, reaching two billion active users per month, with Telegram only recently passing the milestone of one billion downloads on Google Play.


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