Telegram Launches Video Calling and Screen Sharing in Groups


Telegram: Starting this Friday (25), Telegram users can count on new features in the application. In its latest update, video calling and screen sharing functions in groups have arrived on the platform. “This takes voice chats to a higher level, ready for online classes, business meetings and family events,” the company argues.

Still, for now, the number of participants remains unlimited for voice mode and only the first 30 people who join the discussions will be able to use the video. However, the ceiling will increase soon, promises the company, adding that this will occur as games are streaming and live events broadcast, for example.

As for the sharing of content on the display, he emphasizes, in addition to the possibility of activating simultaneously with the camera, it is enough to select the option in the menu. Other implementations are also part of the tool’s enhancement package.

Customization and more

Improvements related to noise suppression, including the addition of control on and off functionality, ensure clear transmissions for all, and special compatibility modes on tablets and computers ensure personalization of call display in vertical and horizontal orientations.

Finally, Telegram points out, computer voice chats now open in a separate window, avoiding the need for constant window minimizations. Furthermore, selective screen sharing – just for a specific program or at all – is another novelty on PCs.

“When you’re using the desktop app, anyone who starts sharing the screen will automatically pin. This is especially useful when small teams meet to coordinate work,” he concludes.


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