Telegram Is Used To Sell Stolen Financial Data


Telegram‘s features have made it ideal for the proliferation of sales of stolen financial data, according to a report released by cyber intelligence firm Cybersixgill. The free instant messaging service has flexible rules and has become an alternative to the secret forums of the deep and dark web, the company claims.

Creating and maintaining a channel on the platform is easier and simpler than building a site with .onion extension on the traditional dark web. Among other advantages, the channels are searchable, have easy access and also have the popularity and security of Telegram.

As quickly and quickly as they are created, channels can be deleted. The groups, which can number up to 200,000 users, are difficult to track and link to the real identities of cybercriminals. All this complicates investigations and favors illegal activities, points out Cybersixgill.

Additionally, Telegram, which has more than 500 million active users, has a moderation approach that is only concerned with extremist content, leaving the space open for the negotiation of information such as credit card numbers, account credentials. of PayPal, among other crimes.