Telegram is growing and at 35% of mobile phones in Brazil


According to the most recent Panorama Mobile Time / Opinion Box survey on mobile messaging in Brazil, Telegram continues to become popular quickly in our country. Currently, the app is already installed on 35% of national cell phones, according to the study.

The survey interviewed 2,046 Brazilians who have cell phones, between 7 and 28 July, and concluded that there was an increase of 16 percentage points in the last 12 months, and of 8 percentage points in the last 6 months, in the number of users of the application.

WhatsApp restrictions can boost Telegram

The survey noted that in 6 months, the number of monthly active users who send messages to the app’s channels rose from 36% to 48%. This increase may be related to the latest restrictions imposed on WhatsApp, which made it difficult to share messages for several groups at the same time, as one of the measures to combat the spread of fake news through its platform.

This possibility is also supported by another data: in comparison with other applications that were part of the research (WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram), Telegram’s monthly active users are the ones who least use the app to contact companies.

Only 54% of the app’s users use it to exchange messages with brands and companies, and at the same time that the total number of users has grown, the percentage of those who disregard this type of communication has also risen, from 2% to 11%. This may be an indication that most new users are only interested in communication via channels.

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Meanwhile, the number of users who would like to use the messenger to purchase products and services and to receive technical support has dropped from 50% to 42%, respectively, and from 61% to 50%, respectively.

The survey also found that Telegram is more popular with men (40%) than women (31%), and that 95% of users who have both apps installed use WhatsApp more.


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