Telegram gains ‘self-destruct message’ function


After becoming the most downloaded application in the world in January 2021, Telegram seems to be constantly striving to delight its users. The 7.5.0 beta update released on Tuesday (23) brings, among other news, the function of automatically deleting group messages after 24 hours or seven days.

Available, for now, for Android users, the new functionality needs to be activated manually (to set the timer). Just tap “Clear history”> “Select duration”. After the feature is activated, you can see a countdown telling you how much time remains for messages to self-destruct. In the case of groups and channels, only administrators can set the option.

Update 7.5.0 also includes two new widgets: a chat, which shows a preview of recent messages; and a shortcut element, which shows only customizable names and profile pictures. These improvements were revealed by the TestingCatalog website, but the news does not stop there.

Unlimited groups

Following the logic of establishing a period for self-destruction of messages, it will also be possible to define a period for the links of invitations to join a group to remain on the air. The novelty is a complement to the feature already announced on Monday (22) that allows users to join Telegram communities using a QR Code.

As of the new update, Telegram will give administrators a tool to limit the number of people who can join a group through the same link. But, when that number reaches the limit of 200 thousand members, these communities can be converted into broadcast groups, which will make them in practice unlimited. The import system and chat reports have also been improved.

With so many news, if you want to get this update of Telegram, v7.5.0, it is available on the Google Play Store and also on the APKMirror website.


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